REDEFINE is a research, strategy formulation and analytics firm which specializes in mining value and insights from data and information. Our foundation is solid research experience, data analytics, evidence-based strategy and use of technology in generating better return on investment from survey data, by providing actionable insights, which are easy to understand and translated into customer products or client solutions. Summarized below are key attributes explaining REDEFINES’ capacity.

Experience in insights generation, problem solving and solution development

Redefine is a leading insights generation, problem solving and product design and development organization. Leveraging on our experience in the research agency, private sector and development background, Redefine works with market players in disrupting the current state and developing future frontiers.

Problem focused and solution targeted

We are agile; we work closely with clients to improve their performance and to realize their most important short-term goals and long-term organizational strategic objectives. We at REDEFINE offer our clients with solutions for their business problem, other than fitting our solution to client’s business problem. We believe in transparency in all our processes, computations, and propose to work together in a transparent manner during research design and sharing data collection plans and materials to answer the business questions and meet current needs.

A competent result focused research and development team

The REDEFINE team consists of a group of young professionals with over 30 years of combined industry experience in research, development, product development and technology, and a passion to make valuable impact in their communities. These professionals have worked in various local and international organizations like United Nations, African Union, Twaweza East Africa, Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT), Ifakara Health Institute, Ipsos Kenya and Ipsos Tanzania.
The team is a dedicated in-house research and development team to carefully, design, implement, analyze and present actionable insights and to our clients on the most effective marketing strategies.

Leveraging on local and international expertise to deliver beyond OUR client’s expectation

Redefine is cognizant of that fact that the problems faced by different clients might require expertise beyond its own internal capacity. It is in line with that, that Redefine has established partnerships with leading institutions and independent consultants. Redefine brings these experts as and when needed by our clients. Redefine prides itself of delivering at global standards.

Expertise in creating value out of complex surveys

REDEFINE’s team has expertise in conducting large, complex and integrated surveys with different phases, objectives and require delivery of synthesised results and insights. We create value by integrating various data sets from surveys and already existing data/ information, which facilitates unearthing insights and patterns that would otherwise not be visible from single data sources and surveys. With our experienced and qualified researchers, we are able to provide clients with information that helps them understand how they can build efficient and effective policies, programs, communications strategies, and marketing initiatives.

Our infrastructure

REDEFINE has adequate capacity, domiciled in Tanzania for both physical and human resources; with large, experienced and well-trained field force of 300 qualified and experienced enumerators for quantitative, qualitative and observation data collection. We also have a team of qualitative experts, monitoring and evaluation experts, gender and youth experts, child rights experts and legal experts.

Robust Quality Control Process

Given that the information gathered in our research work is used for business decision-making and or policy formulation. Redefine has put in place rigorous quality control procedures in the development of data collection tools, sampling, fieldwork, data management and reporting.

REDEFINE has a robust state of the art research call center

Our call center is equipped with a highly efficient and effective call center system. Our research call center system has a real time dashboard for tracking calls, questionnaire scripting features, random digit dialing, daily panel selection and in-built quality control mechanisms (100% recording and listening in). REDEFINE’s call center has a team of well trained and experienced phone surveys enumerator.

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