Evidence driven - Problem Solving

Many clients commission studies but at the end of the study, they end up not solving the problem they had at hand. Given that resources (financial and time) are scare, Redefine recommends a holistic evidence-based problem-solving approach. This is mainly because in many instances we tend to jump towards providing solutions or answers without taking time to adequately define and diagnose the problem at hand.

Our Problem-Solving

1 : Reframing

Reflecting, and clearly defining and unpacking the problem at hand

2 : Diagnosis

In a small scale, deploy multiple solutions or variations of the solution and observe adoption in the market

3 : Design

Utilizing a variety of the above outlined Research and Analytics Approaches to adequately paint the problem

4 : Pilot

Leveraging on the powerful insights generated diagnosis and pilot phase, Redefine develops an actionable scaling and go to market strategy aimed maximizing uptake and usage

5 : Scale

Ideate on potential solution, rapid prototype and test potential solutions and iterate them to ensure desirability, feasibility and viabilit

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