Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Businesses and development agencies strive to achieve their desired results. For organizations to deliver at the highest level possible and continuously improve, they have to ensure that they deliver strong monitoring, evaluation and learning approaches. Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning gives organizations the information and insight they need to make development agencies and businesses optimize delivery and results.


Monitoring plays a pivotal role in project and programme management. Without it, it’s safe to say there will be no understanding the progress and information needed to keep the intervention on course. Our monitoring service offer includes the develop- ment of results frameworks and associated indi- cators, monitoring strategies, systems and plans, associated data collection and advice on related organisational change processes


With evidence required to know what sustainable and equitable change is required to meet develop- ment goals, the evaluation provided by Redefine allows for the client to understand what works, why and for whom. All this being done for the purpose of supporting our partners improved delivery along with informed decisions on the way forward.


There is no real change and growth to a business without the learnings that come from it. We know how to foster a learning culture with individuals, within organisations, across the development sector and in the business world. Through the learning gathered we understand the conditions required to enhance effectiveness. We work closely with our clients to build strong foun- dations for a learning culture.

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