Our In-house Data Collection Solution mTracker

Cutting edge approaches and techniques require state of the art tools. Redefine pulls from a pool of tools to make your research and analytics experience an unforgettable one.

mTracker Collect

A 3 in 1 (team management, sales management and data collection) real-time information collection / data capturing App designed to meet the needs of different clients.

mTracker Portal

Functions as the the administration platform as well as the central data repository. It can also be used to safely download, transport, export, and process your data. Additionally, it handles data decryption

mTracker Data Explorer

a built-in data monitoring and visualization tool that gives you visibility of all the field activities as they happen on the ground– even for your encrypted data – as it comes in, right in your browser.



A flexible and nimble real- time field monitoring and data capturing platform.


REDEFINE has a robust state of the art research call center

Our call center is equipped with a highly efficient and effective call center system. Our research call center system has a real time dashboard for tracking calls, questionnaire scripting features, random digit dialing, daily panel selection and in-built quality control mechanisms (100% recording and listening in). REDEFINE’s call center has a team of well trained and experienced phone surveys enumerator.

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